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The Different Offline Goldmine Business Models

In this video I discuss The different business models you can employ for the Offline Goldmine system.

This is a very important foundation to understanding different ways you make money working with Local Business.

3 Responses to “The Different Offline Goldmine Business Models”

  • Hey Andrew like your plan, are you and Mike doing the same thing? well anyway I like this platform how do I get started?

  • admin

    Hi Henry, yes I guess that Mike and I are doing a similar thing however I go a lot deeper with the strategies and go way beyond Main street marketing machines. The main street product will be an ideal platform and gives you a lot of material such as brochures and sales copy plus access to Traffic Geyser etc.

    What I am doing is adding a massive laser targeted bonus for a few people who want to make it big at main street marketing and revealing the very best client getting and deal making strategies I’ve learned over the past 11 years of doing this.

    The ultimate way to get success quickly is getting main street marketing plus working with me and the team, otherwise opt in to the email and I’ll send you the new video series.


  • Very nice point of view.

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