Local Internet Marketing University

Attention: Local internet marketers and Offline Consultants!

Are you…



Can’t Get it to Work?

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges trying to launch your Local Internet Marketing Business or take it to the next level… local internet marketing university

Then I have THE Answer for you!

For the past 3 Years we have been pouring our 12 plus years of Local Internet Marketing and Offline Consulting experience into Local Internet Marketing UNIVERSITY.

Our Mission has been to develop and provide the BEST and most comprehensive coaching, training and resources for Internet Marketing Consultants anywhere on the internet bar NONE.

No Need for those $2,000 Internet Marketing Courses

You know the internet marketing courses I mean!

Who really wants another bunch of DVDs or 50 hours of video that usually gets left to gather dust!

Local Internet Marketing University is all about making this affordable and accessible to virtually everyone who wants to run a Successful Internet Marketing Consulting Business.

Two of the MOST Experienced and Successful Local Internet Marketers on the Planet

Inside LIMU (Local internet Marketing University) I am joined by a genuine “TOP GUN” of local internet marketing who is a certified SEO Genius and owns top positions for Keywords and Rankings that most SEO Guru’s could only ever dream of!

Between Chris and I we’ve had MORE Clients, MORE Years of experience, MORE Successful Campaigns than anyone I have seen online!

This simply means YOU will get to learn directly from both of us and see exactly how we’ve built super successful Local Internet Marketing Agencies and businesses over the past number of years.

Exclusive Access to our Private Client Management and Campaign Building Tools

Another MASSIVE advantage of being a Local Internet Marketing UNIVERSITY member is having the chance to get Access to our own Private and Proprietary Local Internet Marketing Software Systems that you CANNOT get anywhere else!

These amazing campaign management and suite of tools have been built by Chris and his team for our own agency at a cost of over $300,000 to develop and YOU get to take advantage of this level of technology inside LIMU.

Here’s YOUR chance to join Chris and I and take your Local Internet Marketing Business to a Whole NEW LEVEL



Your Local Internet Marketing Coach

Local internet marketing coach

Andy Kelly

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