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Discover EXACTLY how we get a “Never Ending Supply” of high value clients by Setting up Simple Yet Incredibly Powerful Referral Groups Where Clients Work together to Drive Sales for You AND Send you Tons of Referrals!

You Will Learn our Client Getting “Secret Weapon” Called the “Local Client Double Hook Method” Where I use a Simple Video and Email sequence that Stops Clients in their Tracks and Forces them to pick up the Phone and Call YOU!


getting offline clients

Which Local Businesses are the best to target?

Choosing the Right Local Business is CRITICAL for your Local Internet Marketing Business. Choosing the WRONG Business can be deadly and put you out of business in a flash!

Learn How to Choose the Best Business from day one by using the simple Formula I developed that quickly shows you if a local business is going to be Profitable of NOT. This easy formula is called the ACV and….Read More



local internet marketing client

How To Get Local Marketing Clients to Sign up Today!

You will lose many prospective Clients if you can’t get them to sign up while the irons HOT. This is a BIG mistake many Internet marketing consultants make and one you can avoid with these simple steps. Learn how to ignite the fire in your prospect and demanding to work with you.

By following these simple scripts we developed, you’ll find clients will be falling over themselves to get you on-board and providing their Offline Marketing services..Read More



pricing web services

How To Price Your Services for Maximum Profit

If you don’t know how much to charge you will either lose the clients or RIP Yourself OFF! Check out my simple formula for setting your fees and learn how to maximize YOUR PROFITS regardless of who the client is.

We have easy ways to set the RIGHT fees for all the different Local Internet Marketing services such as, Local SEO, Google Places, Mobile Marketing Campaigns and Mobile Optimized webpages, plus setting up Facebook pages for business and lot’s more…..Read More




Presenting The Customer Getting, Money Making Strategy That Blows Your Client Away!

So you’ve landed a Potential Client! Now what do you do for them that will guarantee they love you and continue to pay you month after month. Use this easy blueprint that always produces stellar results. Learn the 3 step formula that proves to any client YOU are indispensable…Read More



front page google rankings

How To Implement The Traffic Matrix System That Utterly Dominates The Competition.

Now it’s time to produce the results! Don’t Blow it now. Make sure you follow my traffic matrix blueprint that guarantees you will dominate the search engines for your clients.

Learn the step by step formula that simply overpowers all your clients competitors and KEEPS your Clients ranked above he others in the Search engines for both Local SEO, Google Places PLUS this very cool strategy that will blow their minds ….. Read More



outsourcing secrets

Outsourcing Secrets to Live The 4 Hour Work Week!

Watch out because YOU need to be careful! Many Local internet marketers kill their business because they get so many clients and CAN”T do all the work so they fall behind…badly!

Discover a simple way to give most of the work to other people who do a great job and let YOU have tons of TIME OFF and grow the business FAST with the help of this awesome system that helps manage ALL your clients and makes you look like a rock star… Read More

.…And That is Just The Beginning!

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