How To Price Your Internet Marketing Services for Maximum Profit

If you don’t know how much to charge you will either lose the clients or RIP Yourself OFF!

How much do I charge for my Internet marketing service?

This is one of the top frequently asked questions and certainly an extremely important one if you are going to maximize your profitability and at the same time not scare potential clients away.

Offline Consulting feesI’ve seen too many local Internet marketing consultants fail to develop a system where they can identify an appropriate fee to charge based on key performance indicators for that business and as a result make a less money than they could have.

The best way to establish fees is to firstly package your Internet marketing services as a total solution or product that you develop a high value benefit driven name for.

The more developed your solutions are in the form of a tangible product, the more easily you will be unable to sell that service or package for higher prices because the client will clearly see the value in the service that you are offering.

LCV or lifetime customer value is something that you need to take into consideration as a primary indicator as to how much you will charge based on the amount of leads, customers and sales you are likely to be able to get for this business.

Some businesses are more obviously in the higher income bracket and higher customer value bracket such as dentists, plastic surgeons, attorneys and other professional services.

One of the most successful systems that I introduced into my local Internet marketing consulting business, was to have what I call a hard price, in other words what I mean by hard price is I would have a package written down summarized in a way that was very easy to understand with this set fee.

When a price is printed as part of a package or service people tend to feel that this is a set price and are often more accepting of that rather than if you quote a price to them verbally.

“The real trick to being able to set higher for these and get them accepted readily is being able to convey the bottom-line benefit of what you’re able to do and the fact that what you can provide will deliver a very high return on investment.”

It’s very good business practice to structure your fees around the continuity program so that you have an upfront amount and the monthly ongoing service fee to maintain traffic, rankings and leads. This prevents you having to go and continually find new clients and keep the cash flow going.

One thing you’ll find is dealing with different clients in the same business niche is that some clients will be happy to pay more, simply because of their marketing mindset and others will take too much convincing. This is where your questioning techniques and specific scripts for this are absolutely crucial.

Do your best to find out exactly what they are spending on their traditional advertising or offline marketing because this will give you a great reference point to compare the value of what you have to offer.

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Andy R Kelly

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