How To Get Local Internet Marketing Clients to Sign up Today!

You will lose many prospective Local Internet Marketing Clients if you can’t get them to sign up while the irons HOT.

This is a BIG mistake many Local Internet marketers make and one you can avoid with these simple steps. Learn how to ignite the fire in your prospect and have them demanding to work with you!

internet marketing consultingThere’s no denying that being able to sell the benefits of your Local Internet marketing benefits is the key to positioning yourself as the expert, standing out from the competition and demonstrating the inevitable return on investment for your potential client.

You may have heard some of the hype surrounding the Main street marketing type of business where all you need to do is send out an e-mail and you’ll get a flood of clients wanting to hand you big checks without having to sell them on anything.

Well unfortunately in the majority of cases and particularly in this economic climate, most local business owners are not about to throw money at you without fully understanding the real benefits and return on their investment.

As a local Internet marketing consultant you must be able to demonstrate the benefits that you are going to deliver in a concrete fashion without going into abstract jargon that will in any way confuse your potential client because most local business owners simply don’t have any understanding or exposure to online marketing strategies and lingo.

You certainly don’t have to become a sales guru to be able to win most of the deals you go after. Once you have a system in place and the right words to say and most importantly, being able to convey the benefits and advantages in a clear way that shows the client exactly why what you have to offer will give them the very thing that they are after, and in virtually every case that means more money in the cash register.

This is the three-step process that you need to work on and perfect so that you can utilize this in any situation.

Positioning: The first step that you must focus on his positioning your self as the expert and differentiating your self from the competition. Local Internet marketing and off-line consulting has grown extraordinarily in the last 18 months to two years and it’s very likely you’ll come up against many of these web design companies who are looking for SEO work.

internet marketing consultantThe best way to do this is to think of your self as a specialist and when I say a specialist I mean a specialist in doing the most important thing for that local business and that is of course being a lead generation and customer getting machine.

You have to convey to the client that you can get them business while the web design company builds them nice websites that function well, but your skill is solely focused on converting visitors into sales.

Presentation: Now that you’ve positioned your self as the customer and lead getting specialist, it’s time to make a powerful presentation that engages your prospective client in multiple formats, and what I mean by multiple formats is simply presenting visually, aurally and kinestheticly, meaning showing them examples and giving the opportunity for any hands-on aspect that you can.

Depending on what personality type your prospective client is, will dictate as to which way you go in the presentation and what areas you focus on the most. Some clients respond very well to lots of visual representation and need that style of thing to backup what you’re saying can convince them.

Where as other clients will be far more convinced by hearing testimonials from other clients and seeing the big picture rather than the detail.

Always remember to Mirror your clients as much as possible and by that I mean to be in line with them, so in other words if you are seeing a dentist or attorney then it’s important to present in a professional way because that is what this type of client is used to and what they are comfortable with. This doesn’t mean you need to go in a three-piece suit, but it does mean that you need to present in a fashion that makes them comfortable with you.

Scarcity: One of the real keys to getting clients to sign up with you on the day is to create a real sense of scarcity or opportunity loss. It’s a proven fact that people are far more Main Street Marketing machinesmotivated by the fear of loss than the desire to gain so the scarcity factor is important one and this is something that I teach to great detail in the off-line Goldmine mentoring program.

This is part of positioning and it simply puts you in a position of power when and if you can convey to your prospective clients that you are only going to work with a limited specific number of businesses in their niche and by not taking the opportunity to work with you they will miss out on substantial market and sales opportunities while their competitors get the jump on them.

If you take the time to create a system that encompasses these three critical steps as I’ve outlined above, then you will be far more effective in landing clients for your local Internet marketing or offline consulting business.

This is the exact way that I perfected the Offline Goldmine client getting formula can help me build a seven figure business in less than two years.

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