Free Members Training Module 5

Welcome to The Offline Goldmine Lesson 5

Fast Start Action Guide (Part 5)

How to set your fees and determine how much to charge your new clients.

Setting your fees and charges is a BIG question that I get all the time and have done for years, and you’ll be glad to know I have developed a formula to help work
this crucial factor out.

There are many variables involved and you need to take some different elements into account and use those along with the Client Pricing Formula (CPF) to help guide you.

Once you have worked with a number of clients, of course setting fees gets easier and more solid once the referrals and client flow is established.

In this first video you will learn how to apply the Client Pricing Formula and know how much to charge.

In the next session we’ll look at how to GET RESULTS for your new clients and make sure they keep paying you month after month


5 Responses to “Free Members Training Module 5”

  • Norena

    If you start out charging smaller fees from your first couple of clients just to start building a reputation for yourself and getting the word out, won’t that become a problem when you then get your next few clients and you want to really increase your fees?

    I have a friend who took on really low value clients when she started out and now she’s only getting businesses coming after her that have heard how cheap she is. So she’s finding it difficult to increase her fees.

    Is it an idea to rather say to your first client that I will give you the first month free and then if you’re happy with the results, my recurring monthly fee will be $xxxx?

    Or charge them up front from the start but give them a guarantee that if you haven’t produced the results you promised within 3 months, you will then work for them for free until you do?


  • admin

    Hi Norena that’s a great question!

    What I mean is you can offer a discount in exchange for referrals so therefore your fees are still much higher as a rule but the referrals are very valuable. Also you make sure the local biz owner keeps the price private as part of the deal.


  • Norena

    Thanks, Andy. That’s a great way to do it with the discount and referrals. So I assume keeping the price private is something you put in your contract with them?

    Do you have sample contracts in your Platinum program? Putting together the right contracts is another hurdle to getting started, especially since I’m in Scandinavia so don’t know if I need to consider different legal matters here than you do in the US and OZ. Getting a lawyer to put together the contract is too costly when you’re first starting out and on a tight budget but at the same time you need it to protect your business.


  • Just a comment that may help Norena. In the U.K. there is a organisation called businesslink which is run with the chamber of commerce a government organisation.
    They offer us advice on such contracts. From my time working in Sweden there is a similar organisation there…can’t remember the name at the moment. I will ask my old mates.

  • Andy
    Last lesson was really good. Asking for money is not an easy thing to do so the undersell is normal especially for techy types. The 10% rule is fair as you say and the industry precedence adds a little to the backbone. thanks

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