Free Members Training Module 4

Now you have your new potential client on the phone, what do you say to them to make sure the deal is closed
and the check is ready to pick up?

Talking to clients is one of the most important skills and crucial elements to getting more clients and securing bigger
wealthier business owners.

In this video I discuss how to talk to client and what to say so that you sell your services without having to SELL!

Be sure to take good notes and write out some ideas that work for you in the way that suits your personality and style.

In all my years doing Local internet marketing, this is the one skill that directly turns into more money the better you get and it’s where I focus lots of time and energy in the Platinum program to make sure you nail it!

My saying here is “Practice Makes More Money” forget about perfect!


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  • Tre p

    Great Video Andy! Looking forward to the next one.


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