Free Members Training Module 2

Welcome to The Offline Goldmine Lesson 2

Fast Start Action Guide (Part 2)

In this video I walk you through one of my most important formulas for assessing how valuable a local business is for you.

One of the things that I focus on is long term profitability and that is largely determined by the lead values and customer transaction values for each business.

Watch as I go through a live example:

Take some time to do you own examples of business leads and customer values as I have shown you here, this will really help you appreciate theĀ  value of what you offer!

In the next session we will look at what services and packages to offer local clients.


18 Responses to “Free Members Training Module 2”

  • Norena

    Question about when you send out that first email with video link:

    When starting out and you might not have a business web site up yet for your consulting business, can you approach potential clients using your personal yahoo/gmail address? Is there not a chance that they will not dare to open your video link in fear of it being a virus? Have any of your students had problems with that?


  • Will

    So you are saying; look for a client spending big in the yellow pages, but, tanks in the Google search results?





  • Looking forward to the Platinum grade of Training! Thank You.

  • Hani

    Thanks andy for your tips…

    What kind of tips do you recommend to give a way on the website review video we send out?

  • Marjorie Edwards

    Must say that your presentation of the mechanics of just planning your “sells” meeting is great. So many state the facts, but you filled in what is needed from the sellers point of view. Again thank you for sharing these hidden gems.

  • Thanks Andy, I particularly liked the tips on sending them a video of their own site, with an offer of some advice on how to improve the sites rankings.

  • Von Wright

    Andy all of this sounds great. I’ve spent lots of money doing things that didn’t work and now I’m on a very low budget, if I want to stay married of course, how can I possibly get all of this done?

  • Von Wright

    Question Andy:

    Would you suggest to start getting business before build the outsource team?

  • admin

    Hi Von, yes I would absolutely focus on getting the clients first.

    Getting the fulfillment and work done for the clients is straight forward when you use a team who are already set up and trained on marketing for local business.
    We have just finished putting together a team of SEO and traffic experts who can do the work for you so you simply focus on getting the business.

    This is much easier than trying to build your own outsource team and manage them.


  • I wrote down the introducing scarcity script for myself. Here you go:

    I’m only offering this to one of your type of business in this area. There are quite a few and very competitive. I’m giving you the benefit of taking this option first. That’s entirely up to you, but I only offer it once. Once someone does, the rest will be locked out for a period of time (12 months).

    Thanks Andy.

  • Darren Miller

    Andy great video content, I am learning a great deal of stuff. I am feeling quite reserved as i have missed so much information I.e offline IM, I feel like I have been under a rock. ha. But I am glad I found your videos on Youtube. I Also see that you are running a course as well, Is this right?
    My first step is to pick a niche…

    Thanks Andy

  • admin

    Hey Darren, thanks for the great feedback!

    You’re right the first part is to choose a local niche and base that on making sure they are already advertising online and have money to spend on marketing.
    Yes I am running a couple of different courses and just about to open the doors to Local Internet Marketing University! This will be a great place to start and learn a ton on Offline consulting. There’s nothing out there like this and I’ll be sharing some of the best stuff I’ve learned over 15 years of doing this!
    So look out for the invite.

  • Darren Miller

    Andy thanks for the fast response and tips, I also sent you an email through support but havnt heard of anything as of yet. Just to ask what sort of price is your coaching program and can you break the rules and let me join on your course earlier… Maybe people from London should get special treatment.


  • Hey Andy.
    Talk about spot on for timing for me.

    I was just chatting with my dentist today not looking for anything in the way of business but found two very frustrating problems he has that an Online presence can help immensely.
    I just need a good presentation and you have given me a great beginning.

    Thank-You Muchly……eh.

  • Debi

    This is good stuff Andy. Easy to grasp. I’m about to order 500 business cards. Found 5 businesses in yellow pages. All looking like they need a serious makeover. There are tons more in there. And my yellow pages is like smaller in depth & overall size, definitely dying. All the prospectives i’m interested in have got prob just under quarter page (colour) ads. all have websites, but i’ve not been able to find one by searching with Google.
    What other research on these businesses could i be doing. Clueless as to their ACV, so do i need to find a way to know.

  • Tom Carver

    How do I upgrade to the advanced training

  • admin

    Hi Tom,

    I mostly do the Advanced training as a package with the Offline Goldmine membership and a set of personal sessions with me because this has proven to be the most effective by far.


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