Free Members Training Module 1

Welcome to The Offline Goldmine Lesson 1

Fast Start Action Guide (Part 1)

How to quickly identify and choose the right Local Business to work with and get them calling YOU!

This is a simple yet brilliant way to discover the RIGHT business niche to go after then using this easy
strategy, get them to call you.

The best part is you DON”T need a lot of skill and the formula is easy to follow

In this first video I take you through my Niche Selection Process (NSP), this is a proven system I’ve
used for years and it has served me very well.

In the next video this next video we look at an example of choosing the right business using the indicators
and data that really gives us a good idea from a lead profitability stand point.

Once we can establish the (LVR) lead vale rate, then we are much better equipped to determine a reasonable fee


22 Responses to “Free Members Training Module 1”

  • Joe Engel

    Andy, watching your videos gave me amazing insight on the things that I needed to work on for a business like this. Before I actually launch, you helped me understand that prices are not going to be the same for every land based business. They may vary, and they should vary. I am going to continue following your updates and apply your techniques to my business. Thanks!

  • Al

    Thanks Andy, some great info there.

  • Norena

    Very informative videos…thanks!

    If I choose, f. ex., dentists as my type of client to go after, then I suppose it would make sense to just get one dentist in each town as my client as if I get 3-4 dentists in just one city, I’d make it harder for myself in terms of getting all of them to the top of Google, right? They’d be competing with each other.

    So if I want to target local businesses in just one city, f.ex, Copenhagen, it would be better to go after different types of businesses rather than specializing in just getting the same type of business as clients?


  • WOW!

    Thanks Andy,

    I’m in the process of setting up a business looking into starting my offline business and I’ve found your information to be spot on and informative.

    Many thanks from me.

  • Roy

    Andy I Love Your Material and Concepts!!! Over the last 4 years I have been building my practice first as a website developer and over the last 2 years as an Internet Marketing Consultant. It seems that I have been on a global hunt for the pieces of a treasure map that would lead me to learn all I need to know in order to become a successul Internet Marketing Consultant. I must say that having found your site I have found the #1 Treasure Chest I have been looking for. Not to ramble any longer my question is What are a few of the higher end potential clients I can approach like for example, Charter Jet Services?

  • Andy,

    I’m impressed.

    And I’m not easily impressed since becoming almost a professional ecourse and business opportunity seeker. I’ve watched many videos and read lots of ebooks, and some have been dire. You’re videos are professional. You are an excellent teacher, but most of all, each video imparts one, easy to understand message. And as each message is crucial to the business, I can see you know what you’re talking about.

    I don’t need to be sold on how good this opportunity is, as I can see it. I guess I knew it was coming ever since google started showing local results. This business has taken a while to get going, and I’ve waited for the right time.

    When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I’ve been looking for the right kind of business to match my webmaster blog for some time. This could be it. But I have a question; I currently have a very busy contract with a local company. Can you run this business part-time to start with?


  • admin

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for the kind words, it is very rewarding when you get great feedback like your comments.

    You most certainly can run this business part time and the way I teach in the coaching program, I show you how to get everything done for you so you simply focus on getting new clients while the fulfillment is taken care of.

    BTW I am opening up one or two spots for coaching.


  • Marjorie Edwards

    WOW is right, this is so much more than just setting up a local marketing shop based on affiliate marketing. I am so glad that I found this training site, because I knew that there was more that I needed to learn. Really awesome training, and that is not hype. Very informative. Thank you.

  • Hi Andy, As I said on your blog I am almost ready to start this, but there is one area That I am not quite sure on how to handle it. My problem is that I live on a small island, Tenerife in the Canary Islands, it has for the last few years really suffered with a lack of tourists, (so there is a lack of money here) and the island relies on tourism, so I am thinking of offering this service mainly to the British market. I have no intension of moving back to England, so I am going to offer this working from home, I know that there might be a few problems with it, but feel that with Skype and the Internet that I should be able to overcome this. Would you see this as too much of a problem?

  • Von Wright

    Andy I’m getting more excited every day. You’ve done what most trainers that I know have never been able to do…”get to the bottom line!” As a former Army Logistics Officer, solving service and product problems for my customers is a 24hr 7 day per week 365 day a year job and it’s the most rewarding job in the military. You’ve just shown me how I can use my skills here as a civilian, working for myself, treating my future customers like they are the most important thing on this earth! I can an will be able to do this! Keep the training coming! Can’t wait to report my first customer! Thanks!

  • Hi andy, brilliant mention uploading some info about different business models in the second video..did I miss it?



    next week starting the local business and your videos/training is a great help..

  • Andy
    Fantastic again. If Only I could find my printed Yellow Pages I would start now.
    (I think it is propping up a table somewhere).

    Do you touch The ‘mini directory model’ ie set up a mini direct for several businesses if their ALV is too small. I have seen that as a possible business model?

  • Nat

    hey Andy,
    thanks for putting these videos together and making them available to everyone. I’ve just started a consulting company a few months ago and although I was getting a fair number of consultations, i wasn’t closing enough of them. I’m looking forward to applying everything I learn from you and growing my business.

  • Wow he teaches this stuff like a professor. I love formulas and variables that allow me to explain my value to a client. thanks andy

  • Simon

    Hi Andy,

    I enojoyed your video’s very much! I’ve only recently started to learn internet marketing/seo etc… and there is an abundance of information out there, although some of it is contradictory as a consequence of incesseant google uppdates!!

    Your video’s helped to consolidate a lot of the information i have learned already and make it more ‘concrete’!! However, i do have a couple of questions, which i couldn’t find the answers to in your video. If you would be so kind to answer it would be much appreciated!

    How did you arrive at the figure for traffic? I’m assuming that it was through key word research? If so did you divide that figure into a conservative percentage as you did with the rest of your calculations? My second question is concerning the average lead value conversion. As i understood it, once you divide your leads into 5% (2.5/50) and arrive at the figure $12,500, that would be the estimated projection of revenue from the internet marketing service. If that is the case then why do you further divide your alv ($12,500) by the amount of qualified leads (50)? What purpose does it serve? Thanks!

  • Debi

    Hello Andy.
    My name is Deb and i’m from the UK…Sunny old England (is it ever)!
    I’ve been going at this online thing for well over a year now. Not made a single penny.A few months ago started program hopping. Had tried & failed at so much, felt lost. Resorted to MLM’s, so its all …3×3 or 6×6 pick any sum bloody matrix, pay it up, pay it forward, downlines, uplines, spillovers, And to get referrals I’ve been traffic surfing, safelisting, scratching around at my wits end. (Not one referral by the way).
    I kept hoping for something to light a fire under me. At least put some money in my pocket. Zero return on any of the brain numbing hours i put in. But this feeling in my gut, wouldn’t go way. Then really unexpectedly a series of events got me thinking about marketing for small businesses. An opportunity arose. Its a long story.
    I looked around a bit online and found Offline Goldmine!! The timing is spooky.
    Watched video lesson one, waited for the hypey over the top BS par for the course, i expected it….. It didn’t happen!!
    Enter a brilliant teacher. You’re one of the good guys Andy. Took me 2 mins to work that out. You make it seem doable and straightforward, and that’s because quite frankly it is!! Why complicate something that is so rich with opportunity. Its not complicated it’s exciting and so rich for the picking. You’d have to be dead not to see it. I’ve seen it for weeks. Small businesses all around me. My next door neighbor looking at me with big round eyes, saying can you do that?? Telling me he’ll pay me well to sort his site out stuff out. Telling me he’ll wait until i know exactly what i’m doing. Eager beaver. So now i can tell him i’ll be good to go soon.
    So thank you for being a good guy Andy. I can’t tell you how much i needed to find this business and a great teacher, right when i did. It’s like it’s all been leading to this.
    Sorry for rambling guys & girls, never once written a review good or bad, for or about, any system or any body online. This though got that fire going under me.
    Thank you Andy.

  • Debi

    One more thing. Don’t get me wrong i know i’ll be challenged by this business, i’m well aware it’ll be hard work. But in this case it’ll be work well worth doing and then some.
    This is the only business i have seen online, (and there have been hundreds), where i can already see my future is looking a whole lot brighter. Only yesterday i didn’t have one.
    So i will work hard Andy, waiting for second vid. Hope it comes soon. Gonna watch no 1 again while i wait.
    Another ingenious idea, time to absorb between lessons. So working for me…you nailed it Andy. Ha!

  • Debi

    Andy, what are your thoughts on this?
    I would contact prospective leads/clients by email. After thorough marketing and making sure email isn’t spam like.
    I ‘d introduce myself and briefly explain my business. Finish up by saying i’d like to call you in a couple of days, have a chat see if i can help you with anything. AM or PM? All worded beautifully of course.
    This gives them a chance to take the lead and agree or to say no thank you by email. It breaks the ice and gets me over a big hurdle.
    Relaxed, or more formal situations, where i meet new people, i always suffer with some sort of extreme stage fright. Body shakes, words coming out weird, zero eye contact. It’s a bit mad really! Chat for England by email, but put me on a phone or worse face to face with a prospective client, i’m floored.
    So what do you think about that. Initial contact by email?

  • Jim

    Hi Andy

    Thanks for the straightforward information.
    I’ve just watched the first video and really eager to see the rest.
    Your style of teaching is spot on and if it ‘lacks’ anything at all, it’s the ‘over-the-top hype’ that we’re all so sick and tired of. So well done for making it real.
    Thanks again


  • Thanks Andy,

    Giving me the insights and understanding as to why certain clients work better. I had structured a flat fee, but now I see that the pricing should be determined by value to the client rather than a flat fee across the board.

    Thanks Again!

  • Thanks Andy

    Watching your video really helped clarify the questions I had about choosing clients to help. I started with a flat fee across the board, but now understand that the pricing should be reflective on the trans value to the client.

    Had a client that I help make about $100K and only billed $2500 based on my flat fee structure…now I know better. Thank you for helping me understand this principle


  • Gary

    Thank You
    This was what I have been looking for,The first video in this series really grouped everything together all I can see is the beginning of success. I have been trying to find away to tie all the pieces together for a while now and i believe that your training is going to finally do that.after tonight’s video, I went out to my recycle bin and retrieved my old un-friended friend and past marketing Buddy. I use to use it faithfully for research. I have Re- Friended my Yellow Pages Directory and it is sitting on my desk top ready to go to work.

    I am looking forward to the next Video in this series and I have signed up for the webinar and scheduled my viewing the meantime i will start to do some market analyzing of a few locale services that may have potential need for improvements. I am glad to be able to finally start to apply my Knowledge and start to focus on providing a service for locale businesses that really are in need of this service…

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