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Making a Killer Presentation to Your Local Business Prospect

So you’ve landed a Potential Client and you have a scheduled meeting!

local internet marketing consultingNow what do you do to make sure that you walk out of that meeting with a signed contract and a local business client who is eager to tell all their friends about you.

If you want to get the most out of this business then you have to be able to make good first impressions. You only have a certain amount of time to get the prospect to fully understand the amazing benefits that your Internet marketing skills will deliver.

This is one of the key marketing and sales strategies that completely turned my business around from idling along, to really racing from six figures to a seven figure business. I developed a series of scripts and learnt them until I knew them backwards and this made an unbelievable difference.

Your first objective when meeting a potential local business client is to ask your series of fact-finding questions that will uncover exactly what this particular person is really after and what they really want.

What I mean by that is to truly find out what is really driving that person, this is the only way to really find a hot buttons.

Of course the more initial research you can do on a business before you get to the appointment whether that appointment is in person or on the phone, the better you’re able to talk their language and speaking terms that will get their attention.

Find out as much as you can about their marketing systems and strategies that are in place at the moment, in many cases you’ll find that so many local businesses have no decent marketing plan whatsoever which keys you a great opportunity to demonstrate value.

Put together facts and figures on the benefits of Internet marketing over traditional marketing and really highlight how any small business or any business for that matter who doesn’t embrace Internet marketing and take their fair share of online customers will be left in the dust.

One of the best wow factor strategies that I developed over the years was to create a video demonstration for the client that showed the most important reasons why they must get online and engage a specialist local Internet marketer like us.

The video demonstration did a couple of things one of which was to showcase the power of video marketing as an example and make me stand out compared to any of the competition.

By the way you don’t have to be a video marketing expert to create a nice short captivating and engaging video that really sells the client very easily.

Usually by this point in you getting towards the end of the presentation this is where some people freak out thinking they have to go into a sales close so to speak. Well that’s certainly not a case, by following my strategies here you’ll have a client who is desperate to get you on board particularly when you introduce the scarcity factor.

You simply ask the client “Mr. Prospect, how soon would you like to start getting leads, customers and sales from the Internet”?

Of course the answer is yesterday!

Deliver the benefits and advantages in your presentation and your local business clients will be lining up to sign your contract.



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